Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yeah. I'm a copycat. So what?

Mike (http://www.mikewieringo.com) revamped his web site, which went live today. And so did I. But, come on! It's had the same boring look for what, 3 weeks now? It was time for a change. Sue me.

Actually, I was going to do this from the start but couldn't quite figure it out until now.


Ink Blatt said...

Nice header. Very Mike Wagner looking. Maybe I'll get off me arse and jump on the copycat bandwagon.

Ink Blatt said...

I meant Matt Wagner. Brain cramp, sorry.

Mike Wieringo said...

Me likes....!

A lot. :-)

Denis said...

Nice! I like the new design. The header is great. I assume it's your own art! I'm afraid that I have no HTML skills, so my own blog is still one of the starting templates with minor alterations (wider blog area mostly).

Should we be expecting monthly changes? You've set an alarming precident!!

Denis said...

Hey there. Just wanted to show you a work in progress shot of Machine Man. As I say on the photo, the figure is pretty much complete, I just need the jacket now.


Matt Wieringo said...


Sorry, I didn't see you'd posted this! Very cool! I was inspired by your (and Leaf's) recommendation to by some NEXTWAVE but didn't see any of the trades at the con. Did you sculpt that yourself or piece it together from other figures? Either way, it's nice work.