Friday, April 25, 2008

For my buddy Christian...

Damn. Just when you think you're the best at something.


Leaf said...

Your mullet was much better than this scrub's. His has all the appeal of a monster truck rally whereas yours was the stuff of Metalpocalypse with just a hint of Easy Like Sunday Morning.

todd said...

hey, matt!

with getting issue 2 out and all the prep for last week's convention (i'm sending you something...), i totally missed your post with the photos of the dorm room disaster and that awesome 80's new wave trio!
dude, that mullet is only borderline mullet, and, we have to acknowledge that there was a window there, albeit brief, when mullets were actually cool. for about ten minutes in 1984, it was perfectly okay to have one. after that, you were just a loser.
so as long as you note that this photo was taken let's say sometime between spring of 1983 and the last days of winter in 1986, you were safe.

'course I never had one...


great pictures. love the stories.
catch ya later.