Saturday, May 17, 2008

Go, Speed Racer, Go!

Suzanne and I just caught SPEED RACER with our buddy Paul. I honestly have no idea why the critics are being so hard on it. That's the most fun I've had watching a movie in the theater in a long time. It ain't Shakespeare, but it's not trying to be. It's just trying to be a good time and that it was. The little boy and the chimp are laugh-out-load hilarious and steal the movie. And Matthew Fox makes a great, cool Racer X, despite his inexplicably bad reviews.

The critics have pretty much killed the box office for this movie, the #$%*ers, so if you want to see it in the theater, you'd better do it soon. I guarantee you'll like it.

If you don't like SPEED RACER, you don't like fun.

And you should suck it.


Warren said...

My daughter loved it. She said that Racer X was totally cool and was true to the anime we all hold so dear.

Unfortunately, my wife and I are some of those types who always wait on the dvd, so I probably won't improve the box office for it. And, yeah, critics often fail to judge a movie for what is is instead of what they were expecting. If Speed Racer is visual, fast-paced, and fun, then that's all you really need for it to be good. As you say, The source material is not Shakespeare. It's not even Spider-man. But, damn, when I was a kid, I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I watched the tv show all the time.
Figure the cartoons plots weren't that great, but it held you to it with it's visuals.
I too, will wait for it on DVD (or until they let me go nude in the theatres-long story), but I did have every intention on renting it before your review.

Here's to hoping that maybe Spectre Man will get a movie deal as well...


craig rousseau said...

you said it, brother!

when todd got waylaid on his trip out to seattle last weekend, i found myself with time to kill in the emerald city. instead of doing any sightseeing, i went and saw speed racer at the theatre next to the hotel (digital, no less)...and, man, i just loved it!

like you said, it wasn't deep, but damn, it sure was a fun movie... and stunning on the big screen.

Heywood Jablomie said...

I'm going to wait for the dvd and rent it. Only because it's tough to get out and go to the movies these days, that and the prices for movies is crazy. I've heard mixed bags, but everyone in our circle here seems to have good things to say about it. So i'll see it, just not at the moment.....Although I have seen Iron Man twice so far and wanna see it again.....

Squeeze said...

Go Speed Racer!
Go Speed Racer!
Go Speed Racer, Go!

It was fun! Loved it.

Brian said...

Critics don't always get it right.

I finally saw "The Departed," which was universally praised by the critics and took home the Best Picture Oscar, but I thought it was a very flawed film.

Anonymous said...

Those who wait for the DVD are silly (I would say fools, but most of you know me personally -- and I can only be so much of a dick). Speed Racer is just made for the big screen. We took the kids today, and while it starts off at a moderate pace, the film completely rocks, and by the time they hit the cross desert rally it is a non-stop roller coaster. Everyone was great -- even the Lost actor who played Racer-X that everyone has been so critical of. The framing techniques harken back to the days when films were not filmed for pan-and-scan on broadcast television, and the integration of digital, traditional, and new production techniques are amazing. Sure its not the first Matrix, but it is better than most summer fare, incl that last Spider-man crap-fest.