Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This one's for you, Jamar: ooooohhhh—BAMA!!!

I usually try to keep my political opinions to myself, at least publicly. But I'm pretty damned excited this morning so forgive me if I let it all hang out.

I'll probably go into more detail later but I couldn't stop thinking about Mike the last 24 hours. I really wish he was here to see this for so many reasons. It was no secret that the current administration frustrated him terribly and he would be so happy right now. I'm sure he would have called me by now to celebrate. If not, I certainly would have called him. I hope Mike is seeing this.

While I don't think we can ignore how important this election was to African-Americans and what this means to them (Lots of people brought their kids with them to vote!) it's important to remember that Obama represents hope for the future of ALL of us. Race played absolutely no factor in why I voted for him. I voted for him because I wanted a smart person in the White House again and because whenever I heard him speak, I felt hope again. President Obama has a big mess to clean up but I think he's up to the job. Maybe the political parties will finally stop sharpening their claws on each other's backs and get to work for us for a change. Here's hoping.

Hey, there's that word again.



renecarol said...

Mike would be so excited. I remember how devastated we both were with the last election. Its weird not being able to share this great victory with him. And NC went Obama by about 12000 votes I think with 100% reporting. I'm very proud of my state today:) Last night I was at Whole Foods arguing with the (Pro-Obama) cashier that NC was going to be blue this year. Yes We Are!!!!

Mike would be so happy.

Parker said...

I second that YES on Virginia- and North Carolina came through too- with one point and at like 4 in the morning- but they did it!!!

Brian said...

I think that, like Reagan before him, Obama's personality and his presence in the White House will give folks a sense of hope for the future and a belief that things will get better.

Leanne said...

Last night was incredible. I was so glad to have been a part of something like this. Rod and I drank wine to celebrate and stayed up until bout 2 AM. I woke up with a massive headache this morning (and still made it to work on time), but it was well worth it.

I voted for Barack Obama for the same reasons you did, and I was completely overjoyed last night when he won. It didn't seem like just a victory for Obama-- it was one for the world too.

Yes we can!!

Josh said...

I voted for Obama and I'm very proud that he's going to be our next president. I know there are some people out there who are whining because they preferred McCain win. Suck it up and tough it out and wait to see him in action. I think whether you voted for him or not you'll come to agree that he's doing a great job of running this country.

Warren said...

I voted for him, not because of the color of his skin, but because of the content of his character.

I feel optimistic about my country for the first time in 8 years!

How quick can the movers get the Bushes out of the White House?

America belongs to the people again! :)

Cully Hamner said...

I'm totally stoked.

Mikey and I had lots of conversations about how much the politics of the Bush Administration bothered us. He would have LOVED this...

Gordon said...

LOL I feel that Obama was as bad a choice as Mcain. I truley felt it was a lose-lose propostion with both of thier policies. That being said I voted for Obama so that Joe Biden would be next in line. During all the debates both before the selection of the Dem's choice and during the election Biden impressed me the most because he showed he was just a normal person and he and Hukaby were the only 2 that I shared the most comminality with.

I really don't like Obama's postion on illeagle immgrants getting the same rights as citizens without the same burden's the rest of us face as citzens but I have faith that Biden will help balance out some of this.

Nothing to do with race, creed, or color cause a person is a person. As prior miltary I judge all people the same, on thier actions. We all bleed red, its a matter of who you trust to keep you from bleeding, whose covering your ass while you watch theirs and they are green.

America has gone way overboard with this touchy-feely crap bending to everyone who has a special intrest instead of doing whats best for us all. I hope my faith in the totality of the ticket will pay off. I hope they are the ying to each others yang and we get the best of them both.

Squeeze said...

I had the great fortune to be in Times Square as the results were coming in and it was electric. I've never seen anything like it. The cheers that went up as the results were announced state by state. I really had no idea if VA would finally go blue but was hopeful it would finally. The Redskins curse worked again by the way- they lost on MNF and if they lose, the party in office loses.

We have extraodinary obstacles to overcome and I don't believe we can do that with politics as usual. I believe that the politicians AND us as citizens of the (soon to be) GREAT (again) country are going to have to work together like never before. We are all going to have to make sacrifices. But bottom line, we are all going to have to take responsibility for our actions and suck it up if needed.

We miss Mike so much. I would give anything to talk to him about the election. We would've been calling him all night as the results came in. Charlie got in bed with us and got under the covers with me last night with his sweet little face looking out at me. I swear that I can see Mike's eyes in Charlie's sometimes.