Sunday, January 24, 2010

Suck it, Brett

Many weeks ago, after the second time Brett Favre beat the Packers in a Vikings uniform, I turned to Suzanne and said, "I can't wait for Minnesota to get the Brett we've had for the last ten years. I hope he gets close enough to the Super Bowl to smell that ring and then throws a season-ending interception. That would be poetic."

Damn. And people say I'M predictable.

Yes, I'm being mean and spiteful. But by putting on that purple uniform, Brett was spitting in the faces of thousands of Packer fans that thought the sun rose and set on him. He could have gone anywhere. But he wanted to make a statement. So I'm entitled to a little vitriol.

That said, I was horrified every time he got hit and FOX would cut up to a shot of his wife Deanna in the stands, almost in tears. As I said to Suzanne, I don't want him hurt. I just want him to lose the game for them. After everything Favre and his wife have been through together the last decade or so, I hope he finally sees that it's over for him and retires. The stress of seeing her beloved husband getting pile-driven by lineman 15 years his junior was evident on her face and terrible to watch. The best thing he could do for her is swallow his monumental pride, take his one Super Bowl ring and untold passing records and go back to Mississippi.

And, as for the Super Bowl? GO SAINTS!!!


Brian said...

I too am no fan of Favre, as he beat my beloved Patriots in their second trip to the Superbowl and, sorry Brett, there's no crying in football, but I do not want to see him, or anyone in football for that matter, get hurt.

Is it time for Brett to retire? Probably, but I don't know that I could walk away from the money or the spotlight, especially when I can still play at a high level. Add to that the fact that once again, if he leaves now, his final NFL pass would be an interception in the Conference Championship, and I think Brett will be back in the purple and gold next year.

Warren said...

The best thing about the Superbowl is that it's the end of the football season so we can get back to the important things in life -- baseball!

dallas said...

Living in Minnesota, I hated that we picked up Brett Favre. Too many years rooting against him. But then after seeing what we had for back-up quarterbacks, it was the right choice. Without him, I don't think we would have gone as far as we did. However he wasn't the only reason we lost the game. Too many mistakes by many players killed us. That said I'll be rooting for the Saints. Congrats on winning the game and Good luck, I hope you win the big one.

todd said...

can't believe i've missed two posts--so busy! which is good, but...

i know how you love the pack, brother, but you gotta let brett go. in the early days it was great to watch him 'cause you could tell it was all about the game for him; it was electric and primal. i don't think it's that for favre these days. now it's just momentum. hopefully, he'll recognize that and maybe fall in love with it all over again before he does retire, but let him go.

love "Y" and envy you for having the chance to sit down and read them all at once--i read them as monthlies! brian is awesome and i echo your praise for pia--beautiful work!
and kudos to christian for hooking you up with the boys. i've been reading that since the beginning and, though there are moments of ridiculous gratuity--and what garth ennis doesn't love that every now and again--i dig it all the more! guilty pleasure indeed.
i'm also digging garth's battelfield's series--beautifully poignant war stories that come from someone truly passionate about a time when the world was at war.
great posts, matt!