Sunday, September 5, 2010

Adam's sketch

I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day Holiday. As frustrating as my job is these days, I'm still really glad to have it. As one of the talking heads on TV said this morning, this year, Labor Day is just another day without a job for thousands of Americans. Here's hoping that situation is resolved very soon.

I've been spending most of this weekend cleaning up our back yard in preparation for Todd and Sharon's upcoming visit as I've let it get a little messy over the last year with all the projects I've been doing. The patio is done now as is Suzanne's box garden. Unfortunately, the detritus of all that work made the back yard look like a construction site. Or worse, Robert Kirkman's trailer park. (Sorry. Couldn't resist since he just won a Harvey!) Our neighbors have been very understanding but I felt it was time to hitch up my pants and haul off the leftover sand, tarps, rotting lumber, etc. We also ripped out the rest of the fence that was destroyed by that awful storm back in 2007 while we were in Durham. I'm exhausted. But I'm looking forward to a relaxing Labor Day, grilling out, hanging out with Christian at Legend and doing some drawing. Speaking of which...

Adam Hutchinson was thoughtful enough to send me a scan of the Question sketch I did for him in that priceless sketchbook of his. I think you can tell I was nervous as hell because I didn't get too fancy with it. Thanks, Adam! I hope you like it.

Okay, have a great weekend folks. I hope to scan Adam's friend's Nova sketch before I send it off so that will probably be my next post.



Warren said...

Nice Question drawing! And I get the joke. :)

Adam Hutch said...

Hope you had a nice relaxin' Labor Day Matt.

Brian said...

The Question Sketch made me smile.

Great job, Matt

Rowan's Dad said...

Matt, I know how you feel about those projects always seeming like they are unfinished. Somehow, my entire summer vacation came and went and I'm back in school teaching, and yet I got none of my chores finished. But, hope you had a great Labor Day and enjoy your visit with Todd.
Mike G

Rowan's Dad said...
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