Friday, January 28, 2011

Something, Something, Darkseid

Over at the John Byrne Forum, the question was asked, "What are the 5 greatest stories ever told by both Marvel and DC?" I chimed in with my picks (to some groans after I list a couple of Alan Moore stories) but I was pretty happy with my list. Until I realized I'd left off Jack Kirby's NEW GODS saga! URG! I felt like an idiot! DC has been milking that puppy for years. Mike was a huge fan and I've recently seen the light and fallen in love with Kirby's magnum opus.

As punishment for my oversight, I decided to draw this sketch. I have had virtually no time off since I finished Rod's SOVENA RED drawing, working late nights and weekends or dealing with the sick relative I mentioned. But my drawing finger was really itching and since I couldn't work on Craig's Avengers sketch at the office, I decided to knock this out in my rare downtime. I figured it would take a couple of weeks of five-minute spurts to do it. Imagine my delight when it really came together quickly and I knocked it out in a day. Granted, it's a simple pose but those Kirby dots take a lot of patience!

Damn, it felt good. I'd nearly forgotten why I started this sketch blog in the first place. It was to give myself a creative outlet so my head didn't explode after spending day upon week upon year cranking out endless modern variations on the old Burma Shave billboards. I had a really good time drawing this and I think it came out pretty well considering all the stops and starts. It also helped to keep me in practice. Nothing is more frustrating than building up a head of steam and then losing it because I don't have time to draw.

I hope you like it.

Okay, gotta keep it short and get back to work. Later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Nicely done, ol' chap, but I seriously imagine a fart cloud coming out of his rear with that pose and strained look on ol' Darkseid's face.

Josh said...

It's awesome!

Joe Alexander said...

Love it! I think I mentioned how much I loved your Iron Fist a while back--you know how to apply the Kirby dots--those are just cool!

PJ said...

Good work!

You should check out this book I’ve just about finished reading - I’m sure you’ll enjoy it: Tales to Astonish

Warren said...

Very, very cool, Matt!

And Christian -- Darkseid always looked constipated to me. Maybe that's why he was always in such a bad mood.

But I loooooved Kirby's Fourth World. Sure, there was some cheesey dialogue (you can tell that while Jack probably plotted all the old Marvel books, Stan must have done the dialogue in them), but the ideas and stories were so far *out there*... I really wish they had kept it seperate from the DCU because they almost ruined Darkseid through over-use.

Brian said...

Loves me some Kirby Krackle.

Nice job, Matt, and Go Pack!