Thursday, January 24, 2008


I had some downtime today at work and was wasting it surfing the 'net. A little voice in the back of head was nagging me. I felt like I should be doing something. Then it hit me. Dummy! Perfect time to get some sketching done. Usually, I'm a little shy about drawing at work because it looks like I'm goofing off. Which, I guess, I am. If I'm on the Internet, I can claim that I'm "image searching." But lately I've been doing a lot of work-related drawing (which, unfortunately, I can't share) so I wasn't too worried about it.

My downtime didn't last long so I only managed this quick headshot. I didn't have time to clean it up with graphite pencil or even fix the problems like the weird right eye. But I liked the gestural quality of it. It doesn't have that overworked feel my stuff usually gets.

This is the Grandfather character in my story. He's one of the most important characters in the story though he only really has one scene. I broke my rule again about not casting actors as my characters but in this case, it's forgivable. I've had this guy in mind since I started working the story out in my head, though only as a point of departure. I don't plan on using photo reference when I start drawing the story. I've aged him a bit here and I drew this picture from memory, without using any reference. I'm sure Leaf will be able to guess instantly who it is.

Suze and I plan to start trying to catch all the Oscar nominated films and this weekend will be NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. I wanted to see it anyway but now I won't have to talk Suzanne into it. I think it may be a little more violent than is her usual preference. Then, hopefully, it's on to JUNO and THERE WILL BE BLOOD. I'll have to watch MICHAEL CLAYTON by myself as Suze has already seen it.

That's about it for now. Have a good weekend!


Christian D. Leaf said...

That's one cantankerous looking old timer. Shoot. I'll probably look like that in twenty years.

You jinxed me on who it is. I feel the pressure and I'm buckling...I wanna saw it's a skinny Lance Henriksen, but I'm second guessing myself now.

I've been trying to doodle more at work when there's downtime, which has been quite often lately. Writing, too. It's a little easier to play off writing in Word or acting like you're typing an e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Gramps looks great!

Jadielady said...

I like him just the way he is! I think he looks awesome and grumpy grouchy old.
Also, Juno is very cute in a non-stupid way. Not quite as funny as I was thinking it would be, but the beginning with Rainn Wilson is worth the admission price alone (assuming you're paying admission price *nudge nudge wink wink knowwhatImean?*

renecarol said...

It does kind of look like Lance Henriksen.. but isn't he pretty old anyway? And he was skinny in NEAR DARK. This is great though. I don't think you ever said who the female actress is.

Matt Wieringo said...

Leaf nailed it. It's Lance Henriksen. I've always loved those lines he has from just below his eyes down to his jaw. He's got one of the best character faces in Hollywood. I really miss him in MILLENNIUM.

And, Renee, you're right. I didn't I was giving folks time to guess but not many did. The drawing is based on Lacey Chabert, though it doesn't much look like her, I guess. She was in PARTY OF FIVE, which I never watched. I thought she had a great face in LOST IN SPACE. Very different. And she's matured very well. (Shut up, y'all! That's not what I mean...but that too.) I like that she has a unique nose and she's got an awesome smile. I still need to figure out the hair, though. She's got too much for what I need. I'm thinking more of a Gillian Anderson kind of thing or even shorter.

renecarol said...

I think it works for this. I don't think anybody would look at it and think oh that's Lance Henriksen. But I saw it once Leaf made the guess. Or maybe I would've saw it anyway if I were really reaching for it to be an actor and trying to think of somebody it might look like. I never watched Party of Five. But imdb'ed Lacey Chabert and it doesn't really look like her. Its odd how you kind of get male characters dead on (like Lance Henriksen and Christopher Walken who I get mixed up when I trying to remember who was in which movie) but miss with the female characters. Maybe you just have more practice in your comfort zone. I don't exactly spend much time doing stuff I find difficult in my spare time.

Brian said...

Tons of character in that face, nice job and the "eye" really doesn't bother me at all.

As for "Near Dark," what a great film.

Matt Wieringo said...

Lance is great in everything, even the cheap Sci-Fi Channel crap he's stuck doing now. One of my favorite film roles of his is the tormented Ed Harley in PUMPKINHEAD.

Craig Zablo said...

He kind of looks like a tough Dr. Smith from Lost in Space.

Gordon said...

Lance was a pretty easy guess as I watch all his stuff, on the other hand Lacy I wouldn't have guessed in a million years I think mainly because of the hair. Resembles facially to me more like Fairuza Balk. I have watched Lacy "grow" into an under rated actress while people like Lindsey Lohan actually get parts and to be honeset can't act at all.

I do like both drawings

Matt Wieringo said...

Hey, Gordon. Funny you should mention Fairuza. She's one of my celebrity crushes from waaaay back. Loved her in THE CRAFT. She's a total freakshow. In a good way.

I haven't seen much of Lacey's stuff since LOST IN SPACE. She was pretty impressive in that and I kept waiting for her to break out. I am looking forward to seeing her in the BLACK CHRISTMAS remake, though.