Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy

I haven't had this much going on since last Fall. I thought my road would be smoothening (is that a word?) out more by now but I guess everybody thinks that. Work is as crazy as it's ever been and will probably only get worse. I'm trying to keep a good attitude and remind myself every day that I'm lucky I have a job. Advertising is usually the first thing to get cut in hard economic times. But we're all getting a little frazzled lately and I have no firewall between my brain and my mouth and I got a little snarky yesterday. Which landed me in hot water. So I'm guessing I'll be getting some of the tougher assignments coming up. Way to go, Mafus. Oh well, it's just one of those things you hate to go through but seem really funny later. Here's to you, later.

I've been trying to clear my plate in anticipation of getting the script for Christian and my backup story in the PERHAPANAUTS from Todd. Which is hard because every time I scrape something off said plate into the plant by the window, somebody notices and says, "Wow! You really must really like that! Here's twice as much!"

In the midst of all this chaos, my parents are having friends come over from Italy at the end of the month to stay a few weeks in the States. They'll be bringing them to Richmond to visit and then the plan is for Suze and me to give them a tour of the area, including a weekend trip to Washington D.C. It's only when you've got important guests coming that you realize what a mess your house and yard truly are. This is causing us no small amount of stress as I've been trying to figure out just how we're going to get the house sparkly and the yard trimmed before they get here while we're working 50 and 60 hour weeks. It's worth the effort though. When my parents took Suze, Mike and me to Italy a few years back, these folks were incredibly hospitable. Hopefully, we'll be able to repay their kindness.

Despite all this, I'm really hoping to squeeze in a viewing of DARK KNIGHT this weekend. I've got mixed emotions about this film. On the one hand, I'm really looking forward to it because all the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and it's supposedly the best superhero movie ever made. Oscar-worthy even. Even the Richmond Times-Dispatch gave it a positive review which is unheard of for a comic-themed film in these parts. (That ****er hates everything.) On the other hand, I really wish Mike was able to see it. He really loved BATMAN BEGINS and was looking forward to this one. He loved the way they were handling the Joker and was even excited that they'd added some articulation to the neck of Bale's cowl. One of the last things I sent him was the soundtrack to BEGINS and he was wearing it out. Add to that the sadness of losing Heath Ledger so soon after what would have been a career-making role. But I'm sure all that will be temporarily forgotten once the lights dim. I really expect to enjoy myself because (wait for it Todd and Craig), Mike would have wanted it that way.

And just so you don't think I haven't been drawing, here's an illustration I did for Suzanne's amazing, generous and purty sister Jennifer. Her day job is writing, designing and editing her church's newsletter. She also has a Christian-themed blog and asked if I would draw a picture of her in a superhero outfit for the masthead. I was honored to be asked and I'm a little ashamed at how long it took me to actually get it done for her. I did the pencil rough for her about three months ago and she only asked for a couple of tweaks. But I didn't actually do the finished version for her until a few days ago. Sorry, Jen! She was very patient with me and I only hope it was worth the wait.

Next week, if I can, I'll post some cool Mike-related stuff. Mom and Dad were cleaning their house in preparation for the Italians' visit and came across some old Rustburg High School newspapers for which Mike did some stuff and some drawings he did right out of college. Some other interesting (but not so cool) stuff include old newspapers covering the bus wreck Mike and I were in as kids.

Okay, back to work. Have a great weekend!


Casey Jones said...

That's a really nice drawing, Matt! Inking is really sharp, too.

Been busy here, too -- sorry I've been out of touch. Hope you and Suzanne are doing well!

renecarol said...

That's a great drawing! She's got to love it. I understand about being busy. I'm planning to take a few days of vacation in the next couple of weeks. I need it.
Lexie and I never made it to see Wall-E last weekend so it is on the agenda for tonight. Maybe I'll get to see Dark Knight soon.

Warren said...

Sorry about the workload. Yeah, it's great to have a job. But, yeah, it can be a grind, especially when you have these ideas kicking around in your head that you'd really like to have time to work on.

The drawing is really gorgeous. And I really can't wait to see you Perhapanauts story! I hope your job lets up a little so you can get it done! :)

Thomas said...

You can rent yard workers and Molly Maids for a quick turn around if time is short. It might be worth it to take some stress off. I like the drawing, I'm sure she'll love it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,
Sorry to hear you got in a bit of hot water @ the job.

That drawing looks so cool. It looks awesome (all colored up) in the blog's masthead.

Saw The Dark Knight and really dug it.
(Wanted was pretty cool also)
I know you'll be missing Mike, but remember, just because you can't see him doesn't mean he can't see you. That includes him watching that movie with you.
Remember how it seemed that he was @ Heroes in the spirit of everything.

(hope I didn't come off sounding insensitive)

Take care.

Craig Zablo said...

Love the drawing. It exudes confidence. I clicked over to her blog and she did a great job of incorporating it into her logo... colors and all.

Sorry to hear about your workload. I had a boss once that heard a fellow employee say that they had a lot on their plate. Boss said: "You better eat faster then because I have more servings coming your way."

Hope to see Dark Knight soon... and look forward to your review once you see it.

Matt Wieringo said...

Thanks, everybody. Hi, Casey!

Hey, Thomas. Our house problem is a little more...involved. We have a lot more stuff to shuffle around since this time last year. And you know that cliche about the person who scrubs their house clean before the maid comes? That would be me. I wouldn't be able to help myself.

Renee, I hope you got to see WALL•E. Though I haven't yet, I hear it's wonderful. And definitely go see DARK KNIGHT. It was amazing. But not really kid-friendly.

Warren, the thing at work isn't a big deal. It just means I'll be on the advertising equivalent of K.P. duty for a few months. Maybe I'll get time off for good behavior. But knowing me, I doubt it. :)

renecarol said...

We did see WallE. I was expecting it to be better. Or expecting something different and was disappointed. I want to see Dark Knight. Maybe I'll get that worked onto the agenda soon.