Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why I love the Internet

One of the most persistent, gnawing mysteries of my life has been the title of a movie I saw when I was a kid on the 6:30 MOVIE in Lynchburg. I've mentioned it before. The local ABC affiliate (Channel 13) would show movies after the evening news but before primetime. Back then, the news came on a half-hour earlier, leaving a 90 minute block of airtime for local programming. For an all-too brief time, Channel 13 filled this block with week-long themes like GODZILLA WEEK! or PLANET OF THE APES WEEK!. One week it was INVADERS FROM SPACE WEEK! and they showed this movie that absolutely terrified me. In fact, it very nearly scarred me for life. There was one scene in which a damsel in distress is devoured by what can only be described as a mobile carpet with a sunflower for a head. In fact, that's what I just typed into Google in the hopes of finally figuring out just what the hell that movie was called. Well, mystery solved.

After some 30 years of wondering, I present to you...The Creeping Terror.


Oh, wow! This is fun. Here's two more I remember. Sam Katzman was the man!

The Giant Claw!

And The Werewolf!


Jadielady said...

Oh my goodness that's awesome. You should be that thing for Halloween!

Brian said...

As I get older and more and more things seem to be dropping out of my head, I appreciate the internet and her search engines more and more.

Squeeze said...

This reminds me of Mike's comment on your DVD collection....."Matt, your DVD collection is 99% shit!".

Gotta love you for how much you love crappy movies. I will stand with you on how great "Deep Blue Sea" was. You're on you own with everything else. ;-)

Parker said...

The great thing about the Creeping Terror was that it was funded by everyone in that town where it was filmed. The guy who produced it kept raising money that way, making every donor a victim of the creature. As a result, it has maybe the highest ration of people who can't act being given speaking lines in any movie.

Parker said...

I meant "ratio".