Sunday, January 4, 2009


I'm not usually big on New Year's resolutions. Most people resolve to lose weight or save money on January 1st, probably because the new calendar makes them feel like they're getting a fresh start. But January 1 has always been just another day off for me. And I've been on one diet or another my entire adult life so that one would be pointless for me. But I have a few things I've been letting slide lately so I've decided to take the plunge and commit to a whopping three resolutions this year. I hearby resolve to:

1. Get in shape. This doesn't really mean lose weight though I hope that will be a side-effect. When Mike died, I lost my focus and though I was, at the time, in the best shape I'd been in since high school, I quickly backslid and my weight has slowly crept up to a place I'm uncomfortable with. Worse, I stopped going to the gym and lost any strength I'd built up. That has to change. But I feel pretty good about this one because I didn't wait for the new year to get started and I'm almost a month into my new commitment to getting in shape. The gym has been practically deserted and it's been great. Unfortunately, the "resolvers" will be back in force for at least a few months to come and I'll have to start waiting my turn on the weights again. Sigh. I already feel a lot stronger, though, and I'm starting to see a bit of a difference in my overall shape. Not much but enough to encourage me. With our 10 K training starting in less than a month, the weight should start to take care of itself soon.

2. Promote Mike's scholarship fund. I'm a little ashamed of myself for this one. Suze and I busted our butts getting it set up and did a couple of conventions but I've been coasting since then. An email conversation with PJ has my enthusiasm up again, though, and my short-term goals for the fund are now getting a dedicated website (including an online store) up and running this year along with putting together some sort of book with Mike's blog sketches and entries that we can sell to raise money for the fund. There are a lot of legalities to work out but PJ has me psyched so cross your fingers.

3. Start serious work on my book. This one's tougher and the first two on my list aren't going to make it any easier. Nor have the multitude of other obligations, distractions and just plain laziness that everyone on the planet deals with every day. But I have been "working" on the book in my head and have developed some supporting characters that have me very excited in a way that none of my other pet projects ever has before. All my other unfinished stories have been plot driven. This is more of a character piece. I have my "angle". I have my MacGuffin. I have my cast of characters and their interrelationships and motivations. I almost have an ending. All I have to do it write the damn thing out. So that's what I'm going to do.

I haven't aspired to a career in comics in many years but I do want to have something that's mine out there for people to read. Just once. For years and years I've "dabbled" with my stories because I thought I had all the time in the world to do something with it. But now, with Mike's passing, I feel like I'm living on borrowed time and that time is quickly running out. That's a fairly stupid attitude because I've had a complete physical and I'm supposedly fine. But I can't shake it and so now I'm in a hurry to do...something.

The plan is to put in at least one-to-three hours a week writing this story out in script form. Since I plan on drawing it myself, it doesn't have to be too formal. Hopefully, in a few months, I can have the entire miniseries written out and can see about drawing it. This will probably put a crimp in my time here (and on the xBox, sorry Leaf.) But it's very important to me. Let's see how I do.

Getting it published...that's a hurdle for another day.


Anonymous said...

Hey MAtt,
That's so awesome.
From the artwork I've seen, I'm looking forward to one day adding your book to my collection.

I'm not into resolutions either, but did resolve to work (or play) at my hobbies (model building/sculpting) more since I've not done any of this in awhile.

Hope you & your family have a great year.

Casey Jones said...

Hey Matt, it's great to hear about the scholarship -- I was hoping there could be a website at some point. That would be great. If there's anything I can do to help, just give me a shout.

And, I'm glad to hear about #3. I don't think anything would've made Mike prouder than to see a Mafus book out there. I hope '09 gives you some time to work on it.

All the best!

Warren said...

I wish you success in all your goals. I hope you get your book done this year (or at least get the ball rolling in a serious way).

Josh said...

Cool banner/header. I like the Batman reference. I'm going to check out that 'Ringo thing after this comment.

Squeeze said...

Love your new banner honey. Suprised that it's of the Batman kind and not of the Bruce kind. ;-)

renecarol said...

I really like the new banner. Good Luck with your goals. I'm pretty off and on with working out myself. I took a nasty fall back before Thanksgiving and while I was healing got out of the habit of working out. With Nutcracker on Ice over now I don't really have anything to workout for. So its been hard getting re-motivated. I'd love to own a Mafus-original book. I know Mike would've been proud too.

Bat said...

Hi Matt, Bat here... just wanted to drop in and say your blog has been a blessing to visit in your brothers absence. I wish you continued success in the new year and I will add you to my links page. Hope to see some more of your art soon!!

Heywood Jablomie said...

Happy New Year!!
(yeah i'm a little behind.....)

The new banner looks great.

I'm not one for resolutions myself, I never keep any of them, EVER.

But a book done by yourself would be awesome!!

Brian said...

I love the new banner as well.

I know the horror story is your priority and first love, but you should give some real thought to an illustrated story for kids, perhaps with a Halloween theme.
Your style would be perfect and I have heard at a show that Scholastic is always looking for stories for boys.