Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What...him again?

You'd never know Nova was my favorite character, would you?

The anticipated crush at work has finally landed and, thanks to that and several other unexpected factors, I'm running on very little sleep so I'll keep this short. (Cheers erupt!)

A while back, a very nice man named Jason Leivian at Floating World comics started SpaceNite to benefit Bill Mantlo. I was aware of SpaceNite because I'm a fan of Mr. Mantlo's work (particularly MICRONAUTS, ROM and INCREDIBLE HULK) and was shocked and saddened by the cards he's been dealt. I don't often regret not having a career in comics but when some really incredible artists started contributing mouth-watering pieces to be auctioned off to raise money, I have to admit I got a little envious. I wanted to participate in some way. I just didn't think anyone would be interested.

Enter Todd Dezago. Todd sweetly took it upon himself to mention to Jason that I was a fan of Mr. Mantlo and (let's be honest) a little obsessed with the ROM character. He told him about my being Mike's brother and that I liked to draw and would be honored to offer a piece for the project. I admit to being a little embarrassed because, frankly, who the hell am I? There are incredible guys like Chris Samnee doing mind-blowing pieces for the auction. I nervously anticipated Jason politely turning down my amateurish scratchings.

To my surprise, Jason was gracious and happy at the prospect. I'm still nervous because I'm way out of my league. (Click on the link at right to check out the awesome contributions they're getting.) But I'm so honored and thrilled to be included. I don't have any illusions that anyone will be clamoring for my contribution but if it means even twenty dollars will go to the care of Mr. Mantlo, a man who helped bring quite a lot of joy to my childhood, then it will be worth the time I spent on it. Hopefully, I'm not jumping the gun by posting it here.

I hope you like it.



Warren said...

You're contribution is nothing to sneeze at, Matt. It's well done, conveys a bit of story, and is full of love for the character. A fitting tribute.

I loved Bill Mantlo's Micronauts. I thought it was the best scifi comic book of the time.

Rich Faber said...


Dude. You hang with any comics pro, regardless of last name. Solid piece, man! Stop acting like you don't belong, buddy. You're as professional as any of us, and if it takes me sending you a dollar to draw me a stick figure on a napkin, then I'll do that!

Seriously, you do good work. Keep it up!

(and thanks for the boost yesterday. I really needed that.)


Heywood Jablomie said...

I third what has been said here already Matt.

That piece is awesome! I'd shell out good funds to buy a piece like that from you.

Kudos man!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,
Congrats on getting in on this.
I also feel what's already been said here. Your work is awesome.

todd said...

shut up.

Bill White said...

Looks darn good to me!

Bat said...

Wow, that is an absolutely stunning piece there! Very reminiscent of your brothers much missed work! Look forward to seeing more.