Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I was going to do a special sketch for my 200th post (Yay, me!) but figured I'd save my energies for working on my 'Haps commitment. (Three more pages, baby.) Still, I needed to post this so post number 200 will have to go uncelebrated.

I'm most likely going to be representing the Mike Wieringo Scholarship Fund at the Central Virginia Comicon this coming weekend. I say "most likely" because I've kind of dropped the ball with everything that's been going on and didn't get back to the organizer. We're listed on the official site so, hopefully, it's still a go. Just waiting to hear back.

The convention is a regular quarterly event in Richmond but this is the first time I can remember it being a two-day affair. And though they usually have one or two name guests in attendance, this year they've got quite a line-up, including Chuck Dixon and Chris Claremont. Pretty cool. Also appearing (Sunday only) will be my buddy and co-worker, Ken Marcus of SUPERHUMAN RESOURCES. Also of note, Mike's old friend Paul Rogers will be setting up a retail booth as will the great and powerful Shelton Drum of Heroes Aren't Hard To Find. If you happen to be in the area, swing on by.


This is completely apropos of nothing, but I want to nominate a guy named Adam Hutchinson as an honorary "Wieringo". He's a regular poster on the John Byrne Forum. Not only has he chosen as his avatar the iconic Flyboy drawing of Mikes... and not only does he regularly profess his love for Mike's work... but he just gave a shout out to THE PERHAPANAUTS in a thread called "Cool Comics Nobody Knows About." And before we get too upset about the "nobody knows about" part, other books listed were COURTNEY CRUMRIN and THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY. So Todd and Craig are in pretty good company there. The word is spreading, guys!


PJ said...

You know, that looks like a basketball logo. File under what were they thinking.

Adam Hutch said...

Oh geez...thanks Matt. I appreciate it. I'm having a pretty rough week, work stuff, but that made my day.

Brian said...

Ain't it a shame when our real lives interfer with our comic book lives.

Hope you get to go to the show and raise a lot of dough.


Matt Wieringo said...

Ha! Adam, I never made the connection between you and the guy on the Byrne board. That's awesome. Thanks for the kind words over there about Mike.

Adam Hutch said...

No prob Matt! Glad you guys did well at the VA Con.