Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taking a Break

As my work schedule has gotten worse and worse over the last few weeks and shows no sign of letting up, I've decided to take a break from the blog for a while. Not a permanent one but...for a while.

I'm most of the way through my last page of the PERHAPANAUTS assignment and plan to start inching my way through the HAND ME DOWN HORROR as soon as possible. Between that, the scholarship and finding myself in need of a lot of training to stay relevant in my job, the added pressure of trying to post something of interest on a regular basis has stolen some of the fun out of it. Though I'm still a "compulsive doodler", it's been weeks since I've even been able to pick up a pencil at work. That's not likely to change, frustrating as it is. I'm going to devote what little energies I have left at the end of the day to getting my book drawn and doing some other things I've been putting off.

Thanks for indulging me all this time. I'll certainly check in from time to time to announce when and where we'll be representing the scholarship fund and hopefully to share some HMDH artwork. But it will be on a much less regular basis. Hopefully, I'll see you around Todd and Craig's blogs.



todd said...

your blog is always a treat to me, matt, and i'll be sad to see less of it...

...but i certainly understand where you're coming from as i too am finding more (mundane) things eating up my time these days, making it difficult to be able to post on a regular basis.

sorry we won't be able to see more of your sketches. however, as someone who's had the privilege of reading the script to your terrific HAND ME DOWN HORROR i am thrilled that the time that you DO have will be devoted to bringing that to life for everyone to see!

i'll be checking in the see when you'll be checking in...

thanks for all the wonderful posts!

Brian said...

In our increasing hectic world, especially at work where do more with less is the new normal, hard to find a moment to oneself.

Looking forward to your 'Haps story and to Hand Me Down Horror.

See you somewhere down the con road.

Adam Hutch said...

Completely understand the need to step away from a couple of things to recharge. Hope you still have time to sketch for yourself, if not post them. I'll miss seeing them. Have fun with HMDH and the 'Haps.

Warren said...

I'll miss seeing your regular posts and your opinions on movies and books and snippets of your life. Thanks for letting us in all these years. I look forward to seeing the Hand Me Down Horror and maybe now and then, another B-list superhero drawing. Give your lovely wife a hug from me. :)

Joe Alexander said...

Matt, wanted to chime in and say I enjoy your blog as well; hope you have time in the future for it but certainly understand the need for sabbaticals from time to time. Hope you only do it when it is fun for you and not a chore.

On another note, I know that today is the anniversary of Mike's passing. I hope the memories of the good times are starting to be stronger than the sadness, but I also know they are conected in a way. I love cracking open his work quite often, and will make it a point to do so today. He's just one of those rare people you meet in life whose talent and personality have such a strong impact on you that even as a mere fan and acquaintance he will stick with me forever.