Friday, February 22, 2008


This marks my 100th post on this blog. When I first started it last May, it was supposed to be a creative outlet for me. An excuse to draw. I have a good job but the hours are horrible and whatever creativity goes into our product is somebody else’s, not mine. Also, working in advertising doesn’t allow much time for any serious outside pursuits so I’ve never been able to spend much time working on the comic book stuff I’ve always wanted to do. But I’m a compulsive doodler and this was going to be my incentive to do more than draw Tippy the turtle on the corner of an envelope. It was working great. I actually felt like I was improving for the first time since high school. I even got into a little posting competition with my buddy Leaf, trying to outdo him by posting more than him. It was a lot of fun, even though few people but me, Leaf and Mike ever commented.

Sadly, I could never have predicted how soon it would become an emotional outlet and a way to stay connected with Mike’s friends and the folks who posted on his site after his passing. Though it isn’t what I planned, I’m very grateful to be able to have such an outlet and I’m grateful for the support of all the folks who’ve commented and given me their shoulder to cry on. Now that I’ve reached this milestone, I’m going to try to be a bit more chipper. I can’t promise to post drawings more frequently. In fact, I suspect my output may dwindle. My free time seems to become less and less and my work on the children’s horror story I was writing has suffered badly. I really want to put the entire thing down on paper. I read a great quote today and it feels especially relevant to me. “Work at your passions as if your days are numbered. Because they are.”

I still have the Perhapanauts pinup to finish (almost there) and I promised Todd I’d work on the Tomorrow Kids project with him for fun. Maybe if he’s willing, I can post some of that here as I finish it. So I have a lot to fill my evenings. (When I’m not stuck here at work as I am this lonely Friday night.)

I thought I’d celebrate my 100th post with my old buddies Heat-Ray, Domolisher and Skull. They even had Suzanne bake me a cake, which it appears Tombstone has already helped himself to. I was planning on doing it up proper, inking and coloring it. (What you see above was just the underdrawing.) But work has been brutal and I was afraid it would be weeks before I finished it and I wouldn’t be able to post until it was done. So I bit the bullet and posted this. Unfortunately, this wasn’t meant to be seen in this state and, for the underdrawing, I used the paper in a crappy sketchbook they give us at the agency to draw in. It’s the worst, grainiest paper I’ve ever used. I guess they don’t want us using the expensive copier paper that I usually help myself to. I also used a number 2 pencil on it and it smudged badly. The scanner really didn’t like what I was giving it and I had to work some Photoshop magic just to be able to use the scan. I also didn’t get a chance to fix the crappy anatomy on Big D’s arms. But I still got a chuckle out of this drawing, despite the flaws and was anxious to post it before I have to get back to work. So, here it is, warts and all. I hope you enjoy it. I had fun drawing it and just wish I’d had time to give it some real love.

Oh, and thanks for sticking with me this far.


Leaf said...

'Grats, Mafus. At least you had the wherewithal and mindset to even mark your 100th post. Guess that's why Angie gets so mad at me around anniversary time. "How could you forget our wedding date?" she'll say. My reply, "But it's Mafus' birthday, honey." Followed by a mighty, "SMACK!"

I'll still be here when you reach 1,000. Keep it going—chipper or not. (Life's kinda funny like that.) You're my best friend and I'm always here for you. And next time, don't be afraid to call on a brother for some inks.

craig rousseau said...

congrats, matt... here's to another 100 (and then some).

so, gotta ask... why do so much work on the underdrawing? that's finished pencils, man! don't overwork it or second guess yourself... just dive in.

now get back to work on my pin-up!

Jadielady said...


Denis said...

Well done on making the 100 mark within a year. I noticed a weird similarity, and had to do a little digging to confirm it.

I started reading your blog from the first time Mike linked to it with the first post. That was May 2007. You hit 100 posts by the following February. I started my own blog in May 2006 and hit my 100th post the following February! Cool!

Anyway, keep up the great work and the awesome sketches. I'd say "Race ya to 200!" but I have a bit of a head-start! On the other hand, it'll be interesting to see if it takes the same lenght of time for us both to hit that mark!

Anonymous said...

That piece is awesome, and The Skull!
Matt, every piece you put out here has been above par, and I wish I could do that kind of work.
Well, here's to the next 100, and to more art (when you do have the time;) ).

todd said...

happy 100, my brother!

that's a lotta posts!

i gotta say, you're just too hard on yourself--
here's the thing; that's a gorgeous picture of your boys up there (not that...that didn't sound right...) i mean, that's a great picture that you did, but you offer it along with apologies for some wonky anatomy on somebody's arm or something (i'm not going back to see what you said for sure...) but the fact is, we never woulda seen it if you hadn't pointed it out! really! mike used to do that to me all the time and i'd just haft to tell him to shut the F@%#$! up! if YOU see it, fine. you don't like it, change it in your NEXT picture. just let us enjoy this one...

you are a great artists and there are a bunch of us out here who WISH we could draw like you! so just do it, man! we love it! : )

(i don't know how this anniversary celebration turned into me calling you out. sorry, my brother. )

happy 100!!
love ya!

renecarol said...

Happy 100th post! That is an awesome picture Matt.
I checked out your blog occasionally before Mike had passed away but I don't think I ever posted. I'm glad that you had this little community here though to help me deal with losing him. Well, to help you deal... but it still helped me as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th.
So glad to be along for the ride.

The drawing looks great.
Hopefully you'll post the finished (inked & colored) version when it's done.

Well, wishing you the best in the next 1000 posts.

Craig Zablo said...

Happy 100! And you look so young!

On a more serious note, thank YOU for sharing with us... your art, your thoughts, your time.

Warren said...

Congrats, Matt!

And what Todd said. I mean, dude, pick up a comic book. Your anatomy is great compared to the vast majority of artists out there today. Loosen up on yourself. You're damned good. I know you're driven to be the best you can be, and that's admirable, but don't let that hamper you and deprive us comic book fans of a fine artist. I think you got it in you, you just need to let it out!

But now I feel like we're ganging up on you...

Well -- we are! But it's out of love!

Parker said...

I can clearly imagine us- and a lot more readers- all being here at the 200th post whooping it up over your latest page and marveling over some whole comics stories to enjoy.

Of course, you'll still be a few hours away from finishing that Perhapanauts pinup...

Heywood Jablomie said...

Congrats on the 100 post mark! When I started going to Mike's page I saw that you had one as well(this is the old one here), and being that you're his bro and all I decided to check it out, until it stopped getting updated. Then I found that you had this one and read it from the get-go even if i didn't post, and saw that you gots a ton of talent as well.(And like Todd said, you're WAY too hard on yourself). When Mike passed it meant a lot that you continued to post and share with us your thoughts, feelings and stories, and glad that it helps you out, and hope you'll keep them coming. So thanks for posting everything you do, and here's to a ton more!


Rich Faber said...

Hi Matt,

I guess I'm coming in late on this, but I'm really happy that you're keeping this blog. I love reading your posts (and yeah, the stories from your childhood remind me of Mike's remembrances too. I suppose that should be no surprise. It's so cool to read your perspective.). I've also been enjoying seeing the development of your art. Keep up the great work, on all fronts!


Brian said...

Happy 100th Mafus and thanks for being here and doing what you do.

rhombus said...

Congratulations Matt!!! I know the blog has turned into something you may not have originally intended, but if its been good for you to use it as a way to share your thoughts for Mike, then more power to it.

And... I have to agree that you, like your brother, are too hard on your work. Just go with it! You're doing some of the best work of your career!