Tuesday, March 4, 2008

'Haps Final Pencils

Remember those Perhapanauts roughs I posted about a decade ago?

I finally sat my lazy ass down and drew the final pencils. And here they be. I didn't do my inker (Christian) any favors. I really messed up on Choopie's goggles and though I had very clear ideas about the water spray and lightning in the sky, I didn't really put it down in pencil for Leaf to translate. Worse, I only left him about three days to do the inks. So the beating he's giving himself here is at least half my fault. I'd go into more of the shortcomings in the pencils but Todd and Craig would drive down and beat me up. And that's just a waste of gas. Besides, listing the faults would take time. It's getting late and I got my copy of Mark Evanier's Kirby book today. I'm going to get a least a few pages into that before I call it a night. Unfortunately, that means I have to set aside Jeff Parker's AGENTS OF ATLAS for just a little while. Sorry, Jeff! But this is the King we're talking about.


Parker said...

The Agents can wait... AND WILL!

todd said...

don't beat yourself up, matt--so we don't have to!!

that looks friggin' awesome!

wonderful job and we're so really really glad that you did it! christian did an excellent job with it too--i've seen it! : )

thanks so much!
talk to ya later!

Heywood Jablomie said...

don't be so hard on yourself matt. i think it came out good. as i posted on leaf's page, i looked at it while hocked up on cold medicine and now i'm re-looking at the piece in less of a haze, and it's nicely done. can't wait to see the colored version.

Rich Faber said...


Man, I wish I was as "bad" as you are at penciling.

Truly, this is a terrific looking piece, and HIGHLY inkable (a word I made up years ago. Spellcheck hates it). I think your rendering of the sky and water is completely clear. I don't see any problems with it.

As for the goggles, stuff like that is always open for interpretation. I don't see any problems with them, personally

Again, someday, I'd love to ink something of yours. Great job! Stop fussing. ;-)


renecarol said...

It looks great Matt. And same comment I gave to Leaf - I don't see anything 'wrong' with it. And glad to see you are posting again. I hope things are slowing down a little for everyone... seems like life has been busy for everyone all around.

Anonymous said...

That gets me in the mood to draw some Perhaps-peeps...and stop judging yourself for a bit...cuz if you're hung up on that wonderful piece there...it has me going over my work with a magnifying glass...;)

It's awesome work, I dig it!
'nuff said...

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome piece.
Leaf did great with the inks, too!

I agree with what Rich (Faber) said, "I wish I was as 'bad' as you at penciling".
Because, I just plain suck at drawing. :o)

Matt Wieringo said...

Rich, your pencils are AWESOME! I've gone to your site multiple times to look at that NASCAR stuff you did. We do NASCAR's advertising and I couldn't believe I hadn't seen those pages already.

Jeff, I couldn't wait, so I'm alternating between AGENTS and KIRBY, every other night. I bought the singles when they came out but missed issue 5 somehow. I eventually got it but just decided I'd rather have the hardcover with all the goodies in the back. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Great book!

And, thanks Renee. Your Choopie that Todd posted was great!

Rich Faber said...

Wow, Matt. Thanks so much. That's a really nice compliment.

You do NASCAR stuff too hmmm... we should talk sometime...

Actually, it looks like we'll be doing more of those NASCAR history pages for upcoming issues, so I guess I'll get to do more. I'll have to send you some copies.

Thanks again!


Brian said...

Great job on the 'Haps Matt. I say forget pin-up and make that bad boy the back cover.

As for "Super Human Resources," I got my hands on one of the little preview books last year and thought it was great. Looking forward to the release.

rhombus said...

Great job, Matt! Especially like the lighting you gave it, and yeah, as Rich said, totally inkable! As in, would be FUN to ink!