Thursday, May 19, 2011

Head Games

As promised, here are some head studies of three of the main characters in THE HAND ME DOWN HORROR.

First up is Prince Vlad himself, Dracula. He has several different looks throughout the story, including (as seen in the lower right corner) the historical Vlad. I didn't want to be strictly bound to the few existing portraits of the real man himself. I took my "post-curse" design and incorporated a few elements but I took some liberties with the hair (Draculea's appeared to be fairly curly in the paintings I've seen.) and changed the mustache. But I think you can tell who it's supposed to be at a glance. This whole exercise was sparked by a sketch I did last week showing a scene featuring Vlad from the first chapter. I've included that one as well.

Next is Dana Barnes. I think these drawings capture her character pretty well. She's obviously a little tomboyish but unmistakably feminine enough to catch Johnny's eye. A bit of a flirt but practical when she has to be.

And, finally, our hero. I think Johnny's hair still looks a little off. I'm not sure what it is. When I was writing the story, Johnny just always had long hair in my mind. I can't picture him without it. Hopefully, it's not too distracting.

Anyway, I hope you like them. Busy as I am, I'm on a real roll this week. Every free second, I've had a pen or pencil in my hand. It's becoming addictive. I just hope I can get some time at home so I can fulfill my obligations to Todd and Craig. I'm really feeling a little ashamed of myself!



todd said...


dude--you're doing us a favor and you're upset because, with all the incredibly kind and compassionate things you do, you needed a little downtime?
and we're family, bro--
family means never having to be ashamed.
(or something like that...)
fantastic designs for the three main characters! or rather, three of the mainier characters! can't wait to see more!

PJ said...

I}ll tell you something...

When I was looking through the blog and I saw the images I really liked the first one.

I didn’t know exactly why, it was the gesture as well as the drawing but something about it caught my attention and then looking at it today, I realized what it was-you must have been channeling Don Bluth with that one.

There is something in it that reminded me of Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair.