Monday, May 16, 2011

Wonder Woman

Suzanne's been on the road for work quite a bit lately. (Well. In the air, actually.) While she was in L.A. Last week, she had occasion to visit the fine folks at Warner Bros. and pick up a bunch of Wonder Woman swag in the gift shop. She's been a huge Wonder Woman fan since she was a little girl. I assume that originated with the Lynda Carter series in the '70s. (I was a big fan of Ms. Carter too but for entirely different reasons.)

With NBC passing last week on the new WONDER WOMAN pilot being shepherded by David Kelley, I figured the time was right for a drawing of the shapely amazon for my best girl. I have to admit that, beyond the old TV series and a few comic stories I'd read, I was never a huge follower of Wonder Woman.

Then Darwyn Cooke changed that when he did DC's NEW FRONTIER and showed me an all-new version of her that really resonated. This was a Wonder Woman I could get behind. (Shut up, pervs!)

She was curvy, tough, compassionate, warlike and cute, all at once. I loved the way he drew her. My tastes have always run to the, ah, rubenesque and here was a Princess Diana that could have been played by TWIN PEAKS' Sherilyn Fenn or a young Jennifer Connelly. Or even Elizabeth Taylor in her heyday. I'd love to see Hollywood be brave and take a chance on this version of her in this day of "thin is in."

I think they've missed two golden opportunities when they didn't make a movie with Catherine Zeta Jones who, sadly, is too old for the part now. And then they didn't steal Morena Bacarrin away from V for the TV pilot. As pretty as the actress is that they chose for the pilot, I don't think she was right for the part. Who would YOU like to see playing Wonder Woman?

Anyway, I hope you like the drawing. More importantly, I hope Suze likes it, since I'm giving it to her. This one was a toughie. I'm not that great at drawing women and I had a really difficult time with the line work as my vision has really been giving me problems lately. It's nothing serious (I think.) I probably just need some new glasses. Bifocals. Ugh. I'm considering Lasik surgery to correct the near-sightedness and then I would just need reading glasses for stuff close up. It's getting frustrating so I'll have to figure out something soon.

Anyway. Have a great Monday. Later.


Josh said...

Great art, Matt! I didn't know Catherine Zeta Jones had been considered to play Wonder Woman. Morena Bacarrin probably would have been a cool Wonder Woman. She might still have a chance. They may decide, especially if the David E. Kelley series stays cancelled, to do a Wonder Woman movie before long.

DonsSword said...

Your eye thing is age dawg. My peepers started blurring on me under dim light at 44.

Undate your eyeglasses and then stash little flashlights in drawers around the house when you need to read that really small fine print.

The senility will kick in next ;)

Matt Wieringo said...

Josh, CZJ was only up for MY Wonder Woman movie. She would have been my pick if it was up to me. Curvy, smart, exotic, a proven action star. Perfect.

todd said...

i still think that bridget reagan from legend of the seeker would be the best choice for a new wonder woman! she's stunningly beautiful with that perfect blend of youth and wisdom and has some serious moves already!