Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mike's Tribute Book

Some of you may have noticed that there's a press release in circulation from the HERO INITIATIVE about the Mike Wieringo tribute book they're publishing.  If not, here are some links:



And here's the full press release:

In a very cool move, HERO is debuting the book at the Heroes Convention this year before it even hits the stands. Strangely, Jim McLauchlin of HERO asked me if, since I would be at Heroes anyway, I would sit in the booth for an hour each day and sign the book with nine of the pros who were Mike's friends and/or worked on the tribute book. 

I say "strangely" because I'm obviously not a comics pro (I have a grand total of two pages, including one pinup, in print.) and aside from writing what was originally the introduction (It, along with all the other written tributes, had to be moved to the back for various reasons.), I made no substantial contribution to the book. Not to mention the fact that all but 3 or 4 people buying the book will have no idea who the heck I am. It will feel less like I'm signing a book and more like I'm defacing it. 

Still, I'm honored to have been asked and so I'm going to be doing it. I'll do anything for the HERO INITIATIVE.  I suspect Jim was just being nice by letting me be a part of it. It just feels so weird. When I was a kid, I dreamed about sitting behind a table at conventions, signing comics. I just never expected it to be for this reason and it makes me a little...ill. The monkey's paw again.

This convention is going to be very bizarre.


renecarol said...

I think it is a fitting tribute that you will be signing Mike's book. I really believe that Mike lives on in all those he loved. He'd want you there in his absence.

Brian said...

I'd be proud to have your signature on my copy.

Rich Faber said...


It really couldn't be more appropriate for you to sign a book in tribute to your brother.

And if you think writing an intro, essay, or whatever is not an important contribution, then I'm not sure what else to say. What could be more of a contribution than Mike's brother writing his personal thoughts out for all to read? Honestly, you're more than worthy of this.

Besides, you'll have the full support and encouragement of all of Mike's friends.


Anonymous said...

This is one of those things I actually wish I could go to...
Matt, sit with those "big wigs" and have fun!
What are you doing with a monkey's paw?
Put it down, and wash your hands! ;)
When I do get my copy, can I scibble all yooz guy's names on it and that be cool?

Eric said...

I for one am excited that you'll be signing the book. You've been doing a lot to add to Mike's legacy in the past year through the blog especially, and I imagine that you and your family had more influence on his successes as the other folks with whom you'll be signing.

If it makes you feel any more legit, though, I'd be glad to commission a sketch from you!

Cully Hamner said...

You'd damn well better sign MINE, dude...!

Craig Zablo said...

It will be a fitting tribute to have you signing.

Leaf said...

You're gonna sign my book and then you're gonna sign my chest — and I'm never gonna take a shower again.

Buck up, brother. We're gonna have a fine ol' time, raise many a toast and celebrate Mike.