Monday, June 23, 2008

We're Back!

Suzanne, Christian and I made it back from Charlotte safely today. I'll post a full report with pictures later in the week but I'm too tired right now and I've got something planned for tomorrow not exactly related to the convention.

Mike was with us the entire weekend but his physical presence was sorely missed. Though Shelton continues to put on a terrific con and everybody had a great time, it was undeniable that something was missing.

It was great seeing Emilio (looking very svelte!) and Warren and Eric and all the folks who post on the blog who stopped by to say hi. Thanks to Eric and Warren for asking for my first and, most likely, last convention sketches.

Todd and Craig, Cully, Jeff, Mark, Richard, Randy and Rich and all Mike's other friends who signed at the Scholarship booth and offered their support to both the fund and Suzanne and me personally continue to demonstrate the best aspects of humanity and show why Mike loved them so much. And so do we. We couldn't have done this without them.

By the end of the weekend, we increased the Scholarship Fund by 10%. With some effort and a lot of help, we'll continue to chip away at our goal until we can award our yearly winners a full scholarship. I'm feeling confident. Thank you to all the artists, publishers, vendors and all of Mike's fans who stopped by and donated money, artwork and merchandise for the fund. You'll be seeing some of the items going up on eBay soon and I'll post a link here when they do. Everybody's generosity and good wishes were very welcome and appreciated. THANK YOU ALL.

A couple of very personal notes...

Darwyn Cooke came up to me at the Hero Initiative auction and shook my hand and said some very nice things about Mike. He was very gracious and genuine and though I didn't think it was possible, he increased my estimation of him even higher than it already was.

When I was signing the tribute book at the Hero Initiative booth, everybody made me feel extremely welcome and not at all like the impostor I knew myself to be. I was surrounded by Todd, Cully Hamner, Mark Waid and Jeff Parker and they were so nice and treated me like a friend. But, despite all that, as I got about ten signatures into it on Saturday and as the others were teasing me for taking too much time trying to be meticulous, a laughing, amused voice popped into my head:

"You look ridiculous."

Thanks, bro'. :)


Cully Hamner said...
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Cully Hamner said...

I was so happy to be with you guys this weekend-- a little wistful at times, but never sad, thankfully. I think that Mikey, once he got over his amazement at it all, would've appreciated it.

And I think he probably would've thought we ALL looked ridiculous... ;)

Brian said...

Glad to hear things went smoothly and looking forward to hearing and seeing more.

Adam Hutch said...

Good to hear that everything went well and you raised some scratch for the scholarship. I'm glad to see you guys got some coverage on Newsarama too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt,
It was great to finally meet you all.

Too bad about that being your last con sketch. I was so overwhelmed I didn't think to ask for one.

Hope your drive back went well.
Luckily my trip back was uneventful. I didn't even get stuck in Atlanta again.