Friday, May 27, 2011

What Might Have Been

Well, shoot. I was one of those jerks saying that WB really blew it with the casting of the WONDER WOMAN pilot that ended up not getting picked up for next season. But now they've released some stills (I got these from iFanboy.) from the show and I have to Adrianne Palicki looks absolutely stunning as the amazon princess. All the reviews I've read have really given her props for pulling off the role. Now I'm disappointed we won't get the chance to see it.

I feel bad for Palicki, too. I like her. She was the one bright spot in the terrible LEGION. I hope she can survive this and find her star-making role.

Have a great holiday weekend.



Josh said...

I thought the casting was good. My only concern was that it might be like Ally McBeal if she were a superhero. I haven't seen the pilot itself, but those pictures make it look promising. I think I might be open to this show getting picked up somewhere, if that's still possible. But, if it never does, that gives them more time to focus on the long overdue Wonder Woman movie. Superman got his. Batman got his. Green Lantern's getting his. It's about time Wonder Woman gets hers. Especially since she's among Batman and Superman as the three superheroes to have comic book series that never got canceled.

Josh said...

By the way, Matt, where did you get those great pics? I haven't seen them anywhere else.

Matt Wieringo said...

Hey, Josh. There's a link to iFanboy in the post. It takes you to their page which features more photos. They, in turn, have a link to a site with even more.