Thursday, May 17, 2007

Captain Canuck

My job often requires me to sit around a lot, late at night, waiting for other people to get their acts together so I can do my work. Fortunately, it gives me time to draw or work on my other personal projects. That's happening tonight.

For some reason, I've been thinking today about the old Canadian comic book CAPTAIN CANUCK. Somehow, when we were kids, my brother Mike got his hands on a few issues of that book and brought them home. The issues he had contained early artwork by the amazing George Freeman. His stuff was very much like P. Craig Russell's work and it was a feast for the eyes. He went on to draw the Marvel miniseries JACK OF HEARTS that I was also very fond of. I don't know what happened to him but, hopefully, he's still out there producing beautiful artwork.

While I was waiting, I drew this picture of the good Captain.

My illustration style is inconsistent. I vascilate between cartoony and heavily-rendered. This image is somewhere in the middle and, I think, represents my true style. It's not the way I TRY to draw but it's how I DO draw when I just relax and let it happen. There's a lot wrong with it. Poor anatomy, small head, long neck, bad linework. I inked the face last, lost my confidence and ended up over-rendering it. Still, I like it enough to post it. I wish to hell I could draw just like Darwyn Cooke, but we can't have everything we wish for, can we?


Mike Wieringo said...

That's an awesome illustration, Mafus...!

Actually, George is in an email group I'm also a part of. He doesn't post all that often-- but he's there. He's doing mostly freelance illustration and color work with his wife these days.

Did I ever show you that FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER cover I penciled that he inked...? He took some rather basic looking pencils and made them SING with his inks...!

Ink Blatt said...

You're more consistent than I am. Probably because you draw a little more than my sporadic arse.

I know I shouldn't say it, but to make ol' Canuck pop you could've put the Maple Leaf over his codpiece. That've been boss.

Matt Wieringo said...

Mike, no you didn't. I'd LOVE to see that.

Christian, you're weird. The Cap'n would pop ME if I did that to him.

Craig Zablo said...

Really nice job. I hadn't thought of Captain Canuck in years. Thanks for the memory!