Saturday, May 12, 2007


I did this drawing for a contest a while back. While I didn't win, I thought it turned out okay for an amateur and thought I'd try posting some artwork for a change. I don't draw much anymore (I lost interest after a bad portfolio review in San Diego years ago.) but I'm a compulsive doodler and when my friend Christian mentioned the contest, I jumped at the chance. Besides, I love Robert Kirkman's INVINCIBLE and thought it would be a hoot to do a crossover with his other big book, THE WALKING DEAD.

My process was different with this drawing. I usually draw freehand but I decided to try and get some dynamic poses by using the 3D program Poser. I do a lot of 3D computer graphics (mostly Lightwave) at work and I have it on my computer there. The problem with Poser is that, as with using photo reference, it tends to suck all the life out of your work. While that's fine for zombies, ha ha, it's not so great for our hero.

I had this in mind when I started and so I DID NOT trace the resulting render. I used it as if I was doing a still life. Fortunately, the Poser models I used don't really look like decomposing bodies or superheroes, so I was forced to make a lot of changes anyway. But it did give me a good starting point for my composition and helped me work out the lighting. That's always been one of my shortcomings as an artist. I envy guys like Frank Miller and Darwyn Cooke (my hero!) who make it look so easy.

Anyway, I hope you like it.


Denis said...

That is awesome art!! I love Invincible, so much so I made a custom action figure of him, considering we don't seem to be getting one soon.

It's such a pity you've stopped drawing. You're far better than me, at least. I know I'd love to see more, perhaps in future posts?!? Anyway, don't let cranky portfolio reviews get you down. They're just jealous of how good you are!!

Matt Wieringo said...

Thanks, Denis!

Craig Zablo said...

Nice art! You should draw more.

PS - How did you go about dropping the weight?

Matt Wieringo said...

Thanks, Craig.

Which time? :) In high school, it was starvation and exercise. This time, it's been Weight Watchers and exercise. I recommend the latter.

topcad said...

Dude. You can draw. Really well. Don't let anybody keep you from doing more and posting it and having fun. Great blog about the chiropractor too.

Brent said...

I like your art, but kind of like Penny Arcade, I like your writing better. Keep it up!

Matt Wieringo said...

Thanks, guys.

I've noticed that I'm heavily influenced by Gabe at PA. Not sure why. While I love the way he draws the strip, I've never deliberately tried to draw like him.