Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Power Girl in Da House!

I'm posting this picture, not because I think it's a particularly good picture of me (you can barely see my face and it emphasizes just how gray my hair is getting) but because I think it's hilarious.

My friend Ben sent me this photo this morning. It was taken at his wedding reception about a week ago. While I don't find myself to be especially appealing in the image, I have to admit there is technical skill and artistry in how it was taken. Which is what I find so amusing. The photographer was trying to take pictures of people doing all kinds of different things. I assume he thought it would be interesting to record a moment in time in which I, a friend of the groom, was pensively reflecting on the future of the loving couple and the long, happy road ahead of them.

As it happens, I was thinking of boobs.

Just outside the shot as it was framed were my other two friends and co-workers, Matt and Greg. They had just followed me outside to get some fresh air. Though I'm fine in closed spaces, I tend to get claustrophobic around crowds and the dance floor was packed. Which brings me to the boobs. On the floor, dancing bent over, with a young girl, was a lovely and impressively endowed woman in a revealing black dress. Her girls were bouncing around like two fat kids on a trampoline and I just knew we were headed for a Tara Reid moment. I felt horribly guilty for staring but I AM a healthy, red-blooded American male, after all and it's kind of my job. After three or four songs, she took a break from dancing and we went outside. Where we proceeded to take bets as to whether or not we were going to see the "girls" before the DJ called it a night. That's what we were discussing when that photo was snapped.

When my wife reads this, she will most likely make "oinking" sounds at me. She knows what a pig I am, you see. And what, you ask, does any of this have to do with comic books? Just this:


Matt Wieringo said...

Oink, Oink says the Best. Wife. Ever. But points for using "Jackassery" in a sentence in other entries.


Ink Blatt said...

I knew you were thinking about boobs the minute I saw that picture, 'cuz of that little tear threatening the corner of your eye. That and the strain you're putting on the crotch area of your trousers.

Good two panels though. JSA Classified, correct? I've got the first two or three issues.

Mike Wieringo said...

That IS a well taken photo... and you look great in it, bro.

Grey hair and all....