Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gabe and Tycho

I love Penny Arcade, though I'm not really a hardcore gamer. The most I do now is play Medal of Honor with my coworkers a few nights a week after work. Thirty minutes a night, tops. But Gabe's clever, wonderfully drawn comic strip brings me back to the site every day or so. This has to be the funniest strip he's ever posted.


Leaf said...

Testify. That one drew a hearty chuckle out of me yesterday. Everytime I think they've reached a pinnacle they outdo themselves and deliver the goods. Humbling and humorous.

Anonymous said...

Me likey. I don't do too much gaming, and although I had read some of Penny Arcade before, I had not noticed they had comics.
Anyway , if interested, check out the following 2 links ...
This is a sci-fi webcomic with great art.
This one, also good art, is more of a series of stand alone funny pages.
Hope you enjoy.