Sunday, September 16, 2007

Music to Read Your Comics By

I saw a thread on the John Byrne Forum and it brought back some great memories. One of the folks over there asked if anybody associated particular songs with specific comic books. That really struck a chord with me because, when we were kids, Mike and I used to sit and listen to the radio in his room and read comics. If we were listening to a particularly memorable song the first time we read a comic, we'd start to associate that song with the comic. Over the years, I've forgotten most of the associations, but two instances have stuck with me.

The first is the Marvel Comics adaptation of the movie CONAN THE BARBARIAN. I was flipping through the photo section in the back of the magazine when the song "Rosanna" by Toto came on the radio. Ever since, whenever I see certain stills from the movie or pages from the book, that song pops into my head.

The second is THOR #261 (seen here)

When I was in Mike's room (back when we lived in the tiny red-and-white trailer) I was reading this issue of THOR. We got it in one of those great three-packs they'd sell in the toy section of K-Mart or in the grocery stores. While I was flipping through it, the song "Keep on Dancin'" by Gary's Gang came on the radio. Now, whenever I hear that song, I see that cover in my head. Years ago, at the height of my addiction to Napster, I found a copy of the song and played it over and over, remembering that afternoon spent reading comics with my bro'.

Anyone else make these crazy connections?


Anonymous said...

I can relate to that , though not so much with particular songs or comics. Years ago, I purchased a CD (from the pages of a comic) called Supersonic Flight by The Baker Squadron. They advertised that you can listen to it while reading comics or playing RPGs. It's pretty cool, all instrumental, much like some movie soundtracks. I also listen to it at times when I'm driving. I've tried to find other stuff by them, but never could.

todd said...

i can't read when music or the tv is on. maybe i'm a little a.d.d., but i need to focus all of my attention and imagination into what i'm reading. so songs don't usually find themselves triggering a lot of reading memories for me. and vice versa.
cool triggers though.
gotta go hit up itunes for that song now...
talk to ya later--

Leaf said...

First off: Happy b-day, sucka.

Secondly: I don't have any songs that I associate with comics. Songs are usually centered around an event with me. Certain tastes also take me back to places. There is one particular sound I now associate with working out: Dee! Dee!

Heywood Jablomie said...

I usually just read my comics in silence these days, cuz there's no music/tv playing where I usually get to read them. But I used to listen to music all the time when I read them or books. There are still some songs that I'll come across and one of those deja-vu moments where I'll flash back to that time and place so I can totally relate. It's pretty wacky how the mind works.


PS-Happy birfday!