Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I'm not sure why this story has affected me so much but it has. This past Sunday, when Kevin Everett of the Buffalo Bills suffered his "catastrophic" spine injury, doctors said he would never walk again and may not even live long. It hit me hard. I'd never heard of Everett before and I'm not remotely a Bills fan. But I was really torn up, nonetheless.

Now, this news:

Looks like, due to some smart doctors and some good old fashioned luck, Everett has a pretty good chance at a full recovery. For some reason I can't explain, I am relieved beyond words. Maybe I just needed some good news. But when my buddy Greg told me about this today, I got up and cheered. Well, as much as my bad back would allow, anyway.


Okay, I'm going to bed. Suzanne and I have been up all night cleaning the house in preparation for Mom and Dad's visit tomorrow. They're stopping by on their way to Italy. That's right, Italy. They planned this trip months ago and after Mike died, the airline refused to refund their money. So they're going through with the trip. It won't be the fun trip they were planning. Their long-time friend Bruno passed away recently, as did his younger son, Paulo. And they'll be taking part of Mike's ashes with them to spread in the place where he was born. This trip will be very hard on them and I'm going to worry about them every day. So, please keep them in your thoughts.

Okay, seriously. It's ultra-late, my back hurts and I've got a loooong day at work tomorrow. So, good night!


Leaf said...

Even as a person who could care less about football I found that news to be extremely good when I heard it the other night.

The Leafs are wishing your 'rents well on their trip. Hurricane Lilah is raring to meet 'em.

todd said...


you, of course, know your parents better than me...and i understand how very hard parts of it are going to be.
but i also think that this trip might also turn out to be very good for them. sad that they are, in a way, being forced to follow through with their plans when they would actually rather change them, but seeing all their old friends and being in one of the places they love most on earth could also give them some freedom from the sadness for awhile. and peace.

wow. i am way too soft and philisophical this morning.
also, your mom said she couldn't wait to get good and hammered.
peas out.

japhy99 said...

Wow. That's a very emotional turn -- but I think it's a very beautiful one, too. I think Mike would get a kick out of the fact that he's going back to Italy.

Matt Wieringo said...

Ha! Leaf, you called it football! I win!

Brian said...

I'm right there with you on the news about Everett, Matt.

I heard about it and intentionally avoided the footage as I just did not want to see it happen to him, so when I heard the good news, I was overjoyed.

The most recent update indicates he was able to move three of his fingers which, as I understand it, is good news in terms of his fine motor skills.

Sorry to hear that your parents weren't able to cancel the trip, but I'm sure that Todd is right that it will be good for them in the end.