Monday, September 10, 2007

September 11th

Tomorrow is September 11th. While the world looks back at that fateful day, 6 years ago, Suzanne and I will be marking the date for a completely different reason. September 11, 1993 was the day we were married. Over the past several years, we've struggled with how to deal with the fact that our "big day" falls on the same date as the worst attack this country has ever known. Should we celebrate? Or should we wait and do it on the 12th instead?

Usually, we're at the beach with her parents this time of year. We try to schedule our vacation so it falls on our anniversary. Even after the events of 2001, we've traditionally driven into town (in this case Morehead City and Beaufort, NC) and looked for interesting things to do. Like trying to find the latest location of the constantly relocating Atlantic Comics or drive by the now-closed Jungle Land. Lunch is usually at Clawson's in Beaufort. And Suzanne usually indulges me and takes me to the single used bookstore in the area.

For obvious reasons, this year will be different. For the first time since we were wed, there will be no September trip to the beach and we'll be spending this anniversary at work, probably working late. Hopefully, we'll get off work in time to go to dinner together but we both confessed tonight we hadn't even bothered to buy each other cards. We have every reason to be miserable tomorrow. But I'm not going to be. I'm going to enjoy the day as much as I possibly can. Because, even with everything going against us, the fact is I'm married to the sweetest, most selfless woman in the world.

So Happy Anniversary to us.



Leaf said...

And she's an Amazon Princess to boot. Congrats, sucka.

Craig Zablo said...

The years will fly by... enjoy 'em now... as best as you can.


Nano Fino said...

Pretty new here, I come here as a Mike fan from last month. I get Mike blog usually, so now I start coming here. I love your art by the way.
I feel comfortable reading what you post, even throught this situation. I lost people very close this year, not as close as a brother, but still close. I get identified, may thats the reason I came here at first time.
This is the first time that makes me look forward to comment. Next month I´ll be celebrating my birthday, and will be the saddest brithday of my life. A few remains to call me that day. At least, those that I really care. I dont know if celebrate it or let it pass as a one more day.
But reading this post makes think unconsciously (let´s say, on the "cold" side). I wanted to say you that you and your wife should because it worth it, because this date is a little light on the dark. And you should take it, so your heart can be lighted, at least one day in this time. It´s a good reason to celebrate.
So this thought makes me feel better about how go throught my birthday this sad year, so hope you and your wife too.
Congrats for this 14 years!

(my english sucks, I know)

Nano Fino said...

sorry, when i said "wife should because it worth it" i mean "wife should CELEBRATE because it worth it"

sorry for posting with out checking.


Matt Wieringo said...

Nano, as I always said about folks from other countries posting on Mike's site, your Engilish is just fine. It always amazes me when folks from outside the U.S. can read and write English while we arrogant Americans can't be bothered to learn another language. So, please don't apologize for that.

And thank you for the good wishes on our anniversary. We did indeed make the most of it. I hope you will do the same on your birthday. I will never again tell someone "I know how you feel" because this last month has taught me that everyone's grief is different. I just hope you can find a way to enjoy your birthday in some way. Good luck, Nano and thanks for posting and for the compliments.

Eric said...

My birthday party was once ruined by everyone tuning in to see the OJ Bronco chase.

Not quite the same level, but I also know it sucks to have your special day taken away by events you have no control over.

japhy99 said...

I love Beaufort! But I used to go in the springtime so I bet we were never there at the same time...

Happy Anniversary my friend~~

Josh said...

A guy I used to work with was born on September 11, so what a way to spend your birthday, huh? Of course, he was fairly good-natured about the whole thing- he always joked that no one would forget when his birthday is, and doggone if he wasn't right! It's been several years since I worked there, but still on 9/11 I eventually find myself thinking "I wonder how Sparky's birthday is going." Next year I'll probably be adding "hey, I wonder how Matt's anniversary is."

(my anniversary, btw? Armistice Day. But they had it first)